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“In the Darkness” The Walking Dead Spec Script

Television Script | Full Episode | Drama

When Judith falls deathly ill, Gabriel and Enid fight to keep her alive while Rick, Carl, Michone and Abraham race against time to find medicine and get back to Alexandria.



Screenplay | Short | Drama/Suspense

Stanley has a secret and no matter how much he denies it, the blood-soaked skeletons in his closet have found him and are here to take him away.


“Ditch Reality”

Animation Script | Series Bible | Comedy/Sci-Fi

Ditch Reality is about two friends: Marrin Ditchell, a depressed, lazy and self-loathing man and Hutch Hiker, a time travelling hillbilly from the future with anxiety issues.

Ditch Reality Show Bible

Ditch Reality 101 Pilot pt. 1

Ditch Reality 102 Pilot pt. 2


“Siren’s Call” – Reflections Series

Screenplay | Short | Urban Fantasy/Noir

An ex-cop turned paranormal investigator looks into a string of murders and the abduction of all the neighborhood children.


“Payneful Awakening” – Reflections Series

Comic Script | 17 pages | Urban Fantasy/Noir

Dylan and his team must stop Zadicus Alexandar Payne, a necromancer, who has escaped his cage. With his newfound freedom he seeks revenge.


“Toy Soldier”

Screenplay | Short | Urban Fantasy/Thriller

A boy, Ezra, must find his inner strength before his father kills him or his step-mother during a drunken rage.


“Cosette and Roland”

Prose | 7 page excerpt | YA Suspense

Adapted from Sweetheart Roland by The Brothers Grimm, Cosette faces daily abuse and unfair treatment from her step-mother and step-sister. As tensions rise, the game turns deadly and Cosette must run for her life with the help of her boyfriend, Roland.


The Verdant Path

Text Adventure | Twine Game | Fantasy

The Verdant Path is a first person, text based fantasy adventure. The choices you make unfolds the story and leads you through an interactive combat system. To Play: download the zip file above, unzip, open “The Verdant Path.html” and enjoy.

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