ThunderNerd Customs

The joy of painting and customizing Mythic Legions and 3D Printed parts.

Dustin is currently OPEN for commissions and custom project work.

Dustin paints and customizes The Four Horseman’s fantasy based, highly articulated, and highly detailed, action figures geared towards the adult collector.

Third party companies such as MyActionFigureCustoms, Planetary Dog Toys, Wolf King Customs, Teal Titan and more create beautiful works of art using 3D Printed materials designed specifically for the Mythic Legions toy-line.

That’s where ThunderNerd Customs comes in. Dustin paints these gray resin materials so they are ready to pop right on to your Mythic Legion figure.

Below are some previews of Dustin’s work. For more information on any of the projects on this page, visit his Instagram–link below.

Dustin is currently OPEN for commissions and custom project work. To discuss, please contact via direct, private message on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or email at

Follow his social media pages below and also you should follow the hashtags:



Wolf King Customs Projects

Excited to be working together with Wolf King Customs, the first project was their “Angry Orc,” sculpted by Emil Wickman that Dustin painted to match Kronnaw (“Cool Blue”) and Purrplor (“Powerful Purple”) of the Mythic Legions toy line.

Teal Titan Projects

Teal Titan offers unique sculpts for the Ogre sized Mythic Legions bodies. Dustin painted a Cthulhu head to match the Argemedes (gray/blue) figure, and the Ogre Builder Green. He also painted an Elephant like creature, “Tuskadon” and an Anubis like creature which were painted for a Bolthor the Tower body.

Private Commissions

In addition to the work he does for Wolf King and Teal Titan, Dustin also is open for commissions for custom projects. A majority of the pieces pictured are from My Action Figure Customs “MAFC”.

Personal Projects

When he isn’t painting for others, Dustin paints custom pieces for himself. Sometimes those pieces get sold and sometimes they get absorbed into his personal collection.

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