Can’t Sleep. Anxiety Sucks.

Hello friends. I'm currently laying awake in bed when I should be sound asleep. Writing helps me collect my thoughts, terrible as they may be, and forces me to look at them with cold, calculating, detachment. Usually. Tonight, I'm hoping, as I lay here breathing through this relatively, mild panic attack that I can regain... Continue Reading →

November Catch Up

Wow, it's November already? So many things have been going on lately! I guess I’ll start with where I left you last: Reading! I’m super behind on updating my GoodReads account and I’ve actually read quite a few books since I last posted on here. Just to shotgun a few to give you an idea... Continue Reading →

Announcing Aphotic Realm

I'm proud to announce that my latest endeavor with fellow Full Sail alum, Adrian Medina, is now live! Check out Aphotic Realm! Aphotic Realm, a new literary website and magazine, is now accepting submissions. We are looking for unpublished short stories of any genre, but they must be dark, strange, or sinister. Since this is... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day

"Sleep is for the weak. I'm gonna sleep for a week." I'm not sure where the quote came from or the circumstances in which it came up in conversation. All I know is that it was the mantra my friend and I would quote during our journey at Full Sail University. While we were in... Continue Reading →

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