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Dustin was a list article writer for Comic Book Resources from May to July 2017. CBR’s mission is to cover comics, movies and tv like no other in the world as they strive to be the only site you need for your comic book news! Links to Dustin’s articles are below.

A Covenant with Aliens: 15 Times the Xenomorphs Invaded Other Comics

Could a chestburster bust its way out of Superman’s chest? Find out this and more by reading up on these Aliens crossovers with other comics!


10 Reasons The He-Man/ThunderCats Crossover Is EPIC (And 5 It SUCKS)

CBR looks back at 10 examples of what made the He-Man/ThunderCats crossover so very epic, as well as five things that brought it down.


Star Wars: 15 Times The Movies Were WORSE Than The Books

Jar Jar might be one of the most hated characters in all of Star Wars but he is just one of many on a list of times the books were better than the movies.

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