Short Story Collection



At the end of a rope with nowhere left to turn, Dead End: A Collection of Short-lived Stories, takes a look at what plays out inside the minds of those with nothing to lose and everything to gain. This collection of seven stories has it all from horrific scenes and the paranormal to laughter and tears.

A persistent individual might find this still available on, iBooks or Smashwords but it has since been removed from Amazon to one day reform this short collection.



Comic Book Resources List Articles


Dustin was a list article writer for Comic Book Resources from May to July 2017. CBR’s mission is to cover comics, movies and tv like no other in the world as they strive to be the only site you need for your comic book news! Dustin has currently written several articles. You can check them all out here.



Library of Will Articles


Dustin wrote over 20 articles for Library of Will ( before “LOW” closed it’s doors early 2017. The website was dedicated to providing in-depth articles about deck theory and tournament analysis for the collectible card game Force of Will.

Click here to view a few of his archived articles.

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