UPDATE On My Youngest Daughter

UPDATE on my youngest daughter Riley. If you aren't aware of what's going on, you can catch up here. Tomorrow 6/11 we have an appointment with the neurosurgeon to hopefully get more answers. This will be the first time we’ve gotten a chance to speak with anyone since we were given the results last week.... Continue Reading →

Calling All Friends: Please Read!!

I’m cautious about what I share on the web—esp when it comes to my kids. Imagine growing up in the world & every embarrassing pic, awkward phase, or difficult time was documented for ppl to find? I know I’m glad a lot of that stuff isn’t out there. I said that because I want you... Continue Reading →

Akron/Canton Comic Con

Today was a great day! I took a much needed break from work (and the daily grind that comes with trying to manage two careers) so that the family and I could go to the Akron/Canton Comic Con put on by Harper Comics. Okay, so I went with the ulterior motive that I might get... Continue Reading →

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