Altered Carbon Review

HEY! Long time no post, right? Shame on me but I've been busy working and growing my business, Aphotic Realm. For those that don't know, its a literary website and magazine that specializes in the Strange and Sinister horror, sci-fi, dark fantasy, and mystery. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Now, on to... Continue Reading →

Akron/Canton Comic Con

Today was a great day! I took a much needed break from work (and the daily grind that comes with trying to manage two careers) so that the family and I could go to the Akron/Canton Comic Con put on by Harper Comics. Okay, so I went with the ulterior motive that I might get... Continue Reading →

MoonMarket Games

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to plug something really cool. This is especially relevant news for all my gamer friends and followers. As most of you know, I love games, and I am more apt to play a table top/board game because my wife also likes to play too. If anyone... Continue Reading →

Aphotic Realm News

The posts on my blog may have been quiet these last few weeks but that is only because I've been working so hard on Aphotic Realm. I'm so proud of the work Adrian and I are doing. We are both quite ambitious and it's exciting to see it grow. To any of you reading this, I... Continue Reading →

Announcing Aphotic Realm

I'm proud to announce that my latest endeavor with fellow Full Sail alum, Adrian Medina, is now live! Check out Aphotic Realm! Aphotic Realm, a new literary website and magazine, is now accepting submissions. We are looking for unpublished short stories of any genre, but they must be dark, strange, or sinister. Since this is... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: LOGAN

I'm laying this down right up front--I know I'm NOT going to be able to hold back from some SPOILERS! So consider yourself WARNED! I remember thinking at one point during the movie, "this is wonderful." Won-der-ful: adjective - inspiring delight, pleasure or admiration; extremely good; marvelous. Again, SPOILERS! I remember exactly when I had that feeling.... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day

"Sleep is for the weak. I'm gonna sleep for a week." I'm not sure where the quote came from or the circumstances in which it came up in conversation. All I know is that it was the mantra my friend and I would quote during our journey at Full Sail University. While we were in... Continue Reading →

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