Dustin Schyler Yoak knew he wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry after watching Return of the Jedi at three-years-old. His passion for great stories continued all through childhood and he wrote stories he and his friends could act out. Books, comic books, movies and television were sustenance for Dustin’s growing imagination. When combined with his love for meticulous detail and passion for storytelling, his imagination cultivates vivid worlds and alluring characters.

He graduated high school with a major in sarcasm and a utility belt loaded down with useful skills. In his video journalism studies, he learned how to frame a scene, edit, and put together local interest pieces for the school’s news channel. In web design, he learned programs like Dreamweaver and Photoshop, as well as writing daily news articles for the school’s website. Dustin went on to use his technical knowledge and fast typing to obtain jobs in the IT industry while he continued to hone his storytelling skills.

In 2017, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University where Dustin was named the class Salutatorian and his efforts were recognized with the Advanced Achievement Award as well as four Course Director awards.

Dustin enjoys writing comedies, suspense, and action-adventure stories. Currently, Dustin is juggling a number of projects including Reflections, a supernatural, urban fantasy comic book series with steam punk and noir inspirations.

In June of 2018, he started a podcast dedicated to bringing out the positive in geekdom called, Geek-Men and the Masters of the ThunderNerds. The show’s motto being, “the things you love, without all the hate.”

When Dustin isn’t working, podcasting, co-editing Aphotic Realm Magazine, or studying his craft, he mediates arguments between his wife and their spunky daughters.

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