Celebrating a Memory

I thought my Boba Fett Lithograph looked cool in this photo filter. I got that at Star Wars Celebration 2, where the artist, Dave Dorman, and Jeremy Bullock, the actor inside the suit, signed it for me.

I had been wanting to buy the very first Force FX lightsaber—Anakin’s from Episode 2. Both items would’ve taken more than half my money individually, so I couldn’t afford to do both —it was one or the other. The vendor at Dorman’s artist booth had opened the gates to buy their limited supply of lithographs of this print. The numbers were dwindling away and I chewed on my lip trying to decide—that’s when my brother-in-law who took me to con said, “you can get one of those lightsabers anytime, but THIS, is a once in a lifetime thing.”

Obviously, that was all it took to make my decision. I snapped up one of the last remaining prints they had. He had sold out that quick!

To this day, I’ve never regretted my decision. I treasure that memory, and experience of getting to meet those talented folks who took time to chat and make a small personal connection with a little boy. And my brother-in-law was right—I did go on to own a couple ForceFX lightsabers—as cool as they are, they don’t compare to that moment or this piece of art on my wall.

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