Geek-Men Season 3 is Coming!

That’s right! The podcast that brings an extra helping of positivity for every spoonful of negativity out there is deep into production of season three!

When I first reached out to my co-host Bo to see if he’d be interested in starting on this endeavor with me all I could see was the negativity everywhere. This podcast has opened up doors and introduced me to folks that stop me just to say, “hey, your podcast sounds a lot like mine,” or “right, on, we also try to do that with our podcast.” We’ve even had one person in particular reach out and tell us that our podcast has inspired them to bring more positivity in their daily life as well as their OWN podcast. I never thought something like that would happen, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

This season is going to be great! I’m excited about every episode we’ve recorded so far as well as every episode and guest we’ve scheduled to come. We’ve also been outfitted with a BRAND NEW, Original intro music by none other than the extremely talented JM Scherf! A name you might recognize especially if you listen to The Grey Rooms Podcast. Which, to be perfectly honest, if you aren’t listening to The Grey Rooms, then you’re missing out. Drop what you’re doing and go listen.

This past year has been an amazing ride! The guests, the friendships, and all the things I’ve learned have just been incredible! I’m going to be applying the things I’ve learned this season and there will be a few more surprises ahead.

Look for the new season to drop SOON!

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