Update: Post Op Follow Up

For Anyone that is unaware about what’s been going on with my baby girl’s surgery, you can get caught up here.

It’s so crazy to see her up and about and acting close to her normal self! It still hits me that this tiny human had brain surgery and not long ago was cut open. Not something any parent wants their kid to go through at any age.

The doc said not to hold her back or keep her from doing anything she feels up to doing because a child resisting, in the long run, might do more damage than whatever they were doing.

That said, we’ve still been doing our best to limit where we can. For example, we haven’t really gone anywhere. Were not complete shut ins–don’t mistake what I mean–we’ve had a few visitors and the girls were invited to play in the water at a friends house recently.

Last week we admittedly stepped out of our comfort zone a bit and went to April’s family reunion. We had a lot of concerns and wasn’t sure how it would all work out but in the end, it went really well! Everyone was hyper aware of the situation and was very cautious of her head, the stitches, and the tiny little human named Riley that loves to run as fast as she can without abandon.

One of the biggest things we were hoping for with this surgery is that Riley’s headaches and all the other symptoms would go away. As I mentioned in the last update, we had to face the unfortunate truth that she is still getting headaches. The good thing is that they aren’t as frequent.

Now, on to the reason for this update.

Thursday, Riley had her post operation follow up with the doctor. Everything checked out great and all the stitches are pretty much completely dissolved. We still can’t let her incision get completely underwater but water can run over it still–so, nothing changed there.

For now it’s going to be business as usual until her follow up in 3 months, at which time, she’ll also get a swallow study to see if we still have to give her the gel in her drinks or not.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It really has meant a lot to us.

Until next time.


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