Calling All Friends: Please Read!!

I’m cautious about what I share on the web—esp when it comes to my kids. Imagine growing up in the world & every embarrassing pic, awkward phase, or difficult time was documented for ppl to find? I know I’m glad a lot of that stuff isn’t out there. I said that because I want you to know how important this is to us.

Riley (2 yrs old) has been complaining of headaches. At first we did what any normal parent would do, brush it off, associate it with the change in weather, sinuses, allergies, teething, etc etc. Assuming she had an inner ear infection or something, we took her to her doctor. All checked out well there, but we got referred out for an MRI.

Yesterday we got the MRI.

At 7pm we got a call with the results and since this isn’t what we were told to expect, we feared the worst.

At this time, I won’t get too deep into the specifics.

She does NOT have a brain tumor or Cancer. However, the MRI was concerning.

Our next steps are to talk with a neurosurgeon today to discuss the MRI results further and find out more of what is going on and what we’ll have to do.

So if you would, just keep this beautiful little child, our family, and the doctors/staff involved in treating my baby girl in your thoughts and prayers—we would so greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!


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