Mitch Rapp Novels: Kill Shot Book Review


My friend Robin Murdick first recommended both the Vince Flynn and Brad Thor novels to me. By recommended, I mean sang their praises. Which at the time, I didn’t think he did about anything other than Captain America so in the back of my mind I took note.

I liked spy movies but took one look at the cover and imagined it would be a similar experience to that of my high school required reading of Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton–the last thing I would willingly do as a free teenager.

Well, one book led to another, which finally triggered my memory to revisit this suggestion. Specifically, I think it was The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer, The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer, and then A Conflict of Interest by Adam Mitzner. I’m sure there were others, but I recall those specifically over the last year or so.

Regardless, here I am, two books in and scratching my skin raw like a crack addict looking for more. I’ve been getting them from the library and there is a super long wait for each book. It seems that twenty or so people are reading this book series all at the same time. George Guidall by the way, has done an amazing job once again.

I blew through book one of the Mitch Rapp Series back in July I believe and anxiously awaited book two, Kill Shot, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I’m honestly a sucker for strong leading characters that are misunderstood, but unflinching with their moral compass, always gets the job done, etc. You know the type: Excels at everything and always the smartest people in the room. Jack Bauer, Jack Ryan, Mitch Rapp, Batman, Superman, etc.

I will read anything even remotely similar.

Start to finish everything was exciting, lines were drawn, and you’re racing to see the outcome. Pacing was flawless. Characters, fascinating, engaging, etc. If you like thrillers, espionage, and characters you can root for, read this series.

Can’t wait to get book three.




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