I’m a creative guy. So when I’m not creating I like to consume things that others create. Well, I found a like-minded geek friend, Bo Chappell (author of Year 47) & decided to create once more.

GEEK-MEN AND THE MASTERS OF THE THUNDERNERDS is a podcast about all the things you love without all the hate.

You heard that right. I took my drive for mental health wellness and my ‘creating positive change’ initiatives, combined them with my love for all things in geek culture, and turned it into a podcast.

Podcasting has notoriously been known as a soapbox for overweight white guys to hate on literally everything. NOT US. The internet in general has given voice to millions of people that only want to tear things down. Star Wars is notorious for this. Ahmed Best and Kellie Marie Tran are just two recent examples of cyber bullying and negativity.

The first three episodes are available now, with more on the way.

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I’d really appreciate any signal boost you guys can provide on this as we build our audience.

If you have time, give one of our episodes a listen. I’d love to hear what you think. We’re having a lot of fun, & we’d like you all to join in.

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