Aphotic Realm Debut Issue Release!


The first print publication of Aphotic Realm was released last week and it is a success! Everyone seems to be really impressed!

It wouldn’t have been possible without all the talented writers, artists and without my fellow Aphotic Realm guys that contributed their work and put their time into pulling this together.

We learned a lot and even had to switch vendors right as we were going to production and we had to take our business to one of their competitors. It ended up working out because the vendor we ended up going with is owned by Amazon which works great for distribution purposes. If you are an Amazon Prime member, rest easy. You WILL get this issue in two days when you order it.

Sometimes after a long project you take time off to regroup. Not us! We’ve picked up steam! I’m pleased to say that we’ve closed the deal with the artist and will be announcing the theme to issue 2 within the next few days. In addition, we are ALREADY in talks with a few different artists for ISSUE 3!

There will be plenty of time to talk about that in the coming weeks and months. For now, I need to tell you where you can find our debut issue!

Apparitions is available NOW on Amazon:

Print: http://a.co/aSgUcOJ

Digital:  http://a.co/2ITgEl3

Thank you for your support and please take a moment to leave a review when you purchase!



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