Akron/Canton Comic Con

Today was a great day! I took a much needed break from work (and the daily grind that comes with trying to manage two careers) so that the family and I could go to the Akron/Canton Comic Con put on by Harper Comics. Okay, so I went with the ulterior motive that I might get a chance to talk to some artists or other industry professionals but thats besides the point. My wife and I packed up our three-year-old and  five-month-old daughters and headed on down not knowing how well the day would go with such young ones.

All things considered, the trip went pretty well. When we got there, my three-year-old spotted a cosplayer dressed as Anna from Frozen. She was so excited, she started running full speed pulling me along to go say hi. Unfortunately, it was not Anna. The young cosplayer, informed us that she was actually Ariel from Little Mermaid, a movie that isn’t as familiar to my little one when compared to Frozen. She was a little confused but managed to walk away without tears.

I mean, honestly though, I can understand how a little kid could get confused.



I underestimated how much stuff there would be, and I had forgotten the allure of it all. I stopped in to see our home town shop, Hazel’s Heroes, representing our neighborhood. Seriously, they always have a fantastic booth and a great selection. Thanks to my wife, I made out with some cool stuff. Every time we would walk by something cool she would point out that we need this or that for the basement (aka my office) or something along those lines.



I stopped by Robert A. Kraus’ booth and grabbed these fun little sketches. For any that don’t know, Yoda is on the left and Rick and Morty on the right. He has quite a range of artistic ability and not everything is in a caricature style. Check out his site, RakGraphics.com.










Couldn’t pass up these amazing pieces from Scott Campbell. He had such an awesome selection, I can’t wait to get them on my wall! For those that don’t know, left is Spider-Man/Venom and right is Alien/Predator. Check out more of his work at SinFire Studios on Facebook.


My wife informed me that we NEEDED this lamp to literally brighten up my desk/workspace. It looks great  I only wish that I knew the vendor it came from. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a card to give them credit.






Saving one of the best interactions for last, I had the pleasure of chatting with fellow writer, Marcus V. Calvert. I really do mean pleasure. He was animated, passionate, and comical which overall was quite entertaining. Oh, and he had a cool hat. Marcus took us through his whole line of tales, all of which sounded fantastic. It was a tough decision but I settled on I, Villain.

I am looking forward to reading this book and I recommend you swing by his Social Media home or Amazon and take a look at the titles he has available.


It was a lot of fun and I was pleased that I didn’t lose any children (not kidding) and that they were both well behaved!

Support local talent!

Until next time.



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