Aphotic Realm Update, CBR.com, and More!

I’d like to make a quick note of apology to any fans or followers of the page. I stay pretty active on my Twitter account so if you haven’t heard from me, you can always check there. However, there is something more profound about the silence. It means I’m busy kicking butt!

This past month has been crazy. In addition to my day job and my efforts starting up a new business–AphoticRealm.com–I started writing for Comic Book Resources! Writing list articles is a lot harder than it initially seemed. There is just so much research involved–even if you know everything about the topic. Also, they have so many writers over there all scrambling for the best lists it’s hard to jump onto the train barreling down the tracks. I’m still doing it though! As of today I’ve got three articles under my belt with four and five due dates coming up quick. I’ve updated my site and my resume to include links for all of the articles but for now, you can check out the latest article, Star Wars: 15 Times The Movies Were WORSE Than The Books.

Now a quick update for Aphotic Realm. I am so very excited for the first issue of our magazine coming out next month. I promise, as soon as I have more details, I’ll post them here. I wrote an editorial for the magazine as well as other things. That editorial will be opening up the issue and I hope with all my heart that you enjoy it. That’s all I can say for now about our upcoming issue: Apparitions. Check back soon for more details!

It’s been a great time for the world of geeks! There have been some fantastic movies and comics out lately and if you haven’t jumped on DC’s summer event, Dark Nights: Metal, you better get to it ASAP. Go to your local comic shop and pick up Dark Days: The Forge. Sunday marks another date for geeks with the premiere of season 2 of Preacher! I am pretty excited for that one. I love Cassidy! In fact, I’m currently re-watching season 1 right now.

Also, I can’t go a day without talking about my newest favorite show. I’ve already gushed about it all over Twitter, but if you haven’t checked it out, go watch Patriot on Amazon. It’s wonderful. One of these days I’ll have to sit down and actually do the show justice by talking about it on my blog. I love this show so much, I’ve watched all ten episodes TWICE!

I’ve just given you lots to talk and check out. Be sure to comment with what you are currently geeking about! I’d love to hear from you! Also, if you have a moment, please share or tweet my page! I appreciate your support!

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