MoonMarket Games

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to plug something really cool. This is especially relevant news for all my gamer friends and followers. As most of you know, I love games, and I am more apt to play a table top/board game because my wife also likes to play too.

If anyone else out there is like me, you should check out MoonMarketGames.

They currently have two games out: Doomsday Cult and Sanity.

In Doomsday Cult, “mass suicide has never been so fun!” The object of the game is to build your cult, gaining the most followers before the Doomsday Clock runs out.

In Sanity, you must “press your luck in Edgewater Asylum.” Instead of Monopoly money, your Sanity is on the line. Whichever player leaves the game with the most Sanity wins.

You can find out more and purchase these games on their website. You definitely want to check these out!

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