Aphotic Realm News

The posts on my blog may have been quiet these last few weeks but that is only because I’ve been working so hard on Aphotic Realm. I’m so proud of the work Adrian and I are doing. We are both quite ambitious and it’s exciting to see it grow. To any of you reading this, I ask for your continued support especially with this endeavor. I could use some share warriors! If you could like and share the posts coming off of any of our social media platforms, I would greatly appreciate it!

We’ve published a number of short stories to the site, seven to be exact, two of which are Spotlight features. We’ve really enjoyed interviewing both authors behind those stories as well. There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon, some of which I can’t share yet, so let’s start with what I can talk about.

I’m pleased to share with you that the theme for our first issue will be APPARITIONS!

Astronauts encounter fifth-dimensional beings! Knights stumble upon ghastly creatures from another realm! The high school is haunted by a bitter janitor! Science fiction, fantasy, or good ‘ol horror – it doesn’t matter, just make sure it has a ghostly element.

The cover art, pictured left, is a brilliant piece by the talented Gunnar Larsen and we feel it is a fantastic representation of both this themed issue and Aphotic Realm.

Submissions will be due June 1st.

In addition to the magazine submissions, we accept submissions year round for the online side of our publication. Please share with any writer friends! We are also looking for artists willing to contribute their work to our publication.

That’s pretty much all I can share for now. There is a lot coming though! In the mean time, head on over to Aphotic Realm and check out all the stories.



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